Toddlers class /ages 3 ~ 5

  • Students in this program will train with other kids their age and size so there is no fear of ‘big kids’. This class offers many instructors so that the students can receive one on one training if they are struggling with a skill. The class is fun, dynamic and fast pace and it is not uncommon to hear music being played as the students are practicing.  This class offers a lot of coordination and balance training with martial arts mixed in.

Traditional Taekwondo Classes

  • Each class is broken down by age and belt level
  • The different  levels are: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Black Belt
  • Each class will have an average of 4 Instructors

Teen & Adults Classes

  • Learn self-defense
  • relieve stress
  • increase stamina & focus
  • energize your life

Olympic Style sparring

  • No one offers Sparring Class better than us
  • This is the school of National Team Members
  • Competition Team Class is held 6 days a week
  • We are the only school in this area to have students compete and Win at the Florida state championships, National championships, US Open World Championships and International Open World Championships.

Hap Ki Do & Judo / Korean grappling

  • Hap Ki Do teaches grappling, arm bars, chokes, locks, throwing techniques, take down techniques and ground fighting.

Kumdo / Kendo, Korean Sword

  • The benefit of training sword is not only learning oriental sword techniques but also you can keep yourself sharp in mind & spirit  and develop hand/weapon coordination.

Bo Staff & Nunchaku

  • Nunchaku are learned by students up till Orange Belt; after the student reaches Green belt, they begin to learn Bo Staff techniques.

Spring Camp Program

Summer Camp Program

    -“The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Your Child  –  UNIQUE PROGRAM”

    – We Offer Different Sports Games Every Day-SUPER FUN !!!

  • Our school offers fun and popular camp activities with a Tae Kwon Do class to start off the day. (This means a lot of activities with action, sports, and fun for any age!)
  • Our summer camp program has been held for 19 years.
  • At our summer camp students, will learn self defense techniques, self discipline and will develop coordination skills that will help in everyday activities.
  • Our summer camp program offers new experiences that no other camp will have.